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Do you dream to celebrate your wedding on the white sands of this tropical island or in an opulent urban setting? To hold a traditional marriage ceremony with a large group, to find an exceptional wedding venue to celebrate with the closest friends and family, or perhaps you’re looking for a more romantic and intimate atmosphere to share with only your beloved husband or bride to be? We will share the secret in creating a truly unique and magical wedding experience.

A fine- tuned and meticulously crafted wedding planning with a team or event specialist is the major element and key for a successful wedding. INAYA Putri Bali takes pride in creating tailored wedding experiences designed to make your special day will be unforgettable.


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For your intimate wedding, we provide you a personal space to share your happiness with your loved ones, friends and family specifically crafted to match your desires. We ensure that every aspect of your wedding arrangements will be perfected down to the very last detail and involve a glorious array of other magical events.

You can rely on us to make these exceptional moments shine throughout your wedding memories. Our ultimate goal is to accompany you throughout your wedding journey, according to your unique requirements, to ensure that your dreams come true.

Wedding Package


SASTRA at IDR 50.250.000 Net

As one of the aspects of marriage in Balinese culture, Sastra conveys the harmonious relationship a wedding has with the scriptures.

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SRADDHA at IDR 36.180.000 Net

Sraddha is a Sanskrit word, is often simply translated as faith and means something deeper with a concept of believe, trust and loyalty.

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MANTRA at IDR 25.000.000 Net

An essential part of Balinese marriage, Mantra is an attribute of which songs of praises and melodic tunes carry out during the marriage ceremony.

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