Recreational Daily Activities

Discover Family Experiences at INAYA Putri Bali

INAYA Putri Bali brings an experience beyond expectations for the guest. With captivating activities and thoughtful, welcoming attention tailored for younger guests and their families, each part of INAYA Putri Bali is a destination of distinction that celebrates the art of play. Every moment becomes a treasure and every experience creates indelible memories for your family to share. Our selected activities are perfectly suited for family and children. Our recreational teams are pleased to provide more details and help make arrangements. Families can choose from a selection of activities to experience together while exploring the enriching culture of the destination. To reserve an experience, it is recommended to contact our recreational team.

Many options for sports and active enjoyments are available for young and adult guest. Doing yoga early in the morning is perfect to start the day. Get your morning yoga while you’re enjoying the ocean breeze. It makes you feel better, calm, peaceful and your body will filled with energy.  Come for a dip and lap up some water exercises and pool games. Create a team and make new friends by participating beach volleyball or beach soccer. It will be fun and pleasant during your stay.

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